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Trunk restriction device for easy tree shaking



A simple system to collect fruit from trees

Patent Protection: INPI exp. 20120101616 - Ministry of Industry - Argentina - May 2012 (pending)

shakeable treehow to constrain trunks with the device

Fruit collection is labour-intensive and costly

Fruit collection represents about half of the production price (UC Davis). There are two kinds of fruit-collecting machines. Tree-combers have many robotic arms, require a special tree density and pattern, and cost millions. Trunk shakers are now popular in developed countries, but they are expensive, use a lot of fuel, obtain low yields and damage the trunks.

The " hinged tree" invention is a simple wooden press that limits the growth of the trunk in one direction. After a few years, the tree becomes very easy to shake.

The " hinged tree" invention consists in 2 pieces joined by bolts that limit the growth of the trunk. It requires to be applied in young trees (1 year) and takes around 5 years to model the trunk until the tree starts production.

This restriction device (a simple wooden press) forces the trunk of any fruit tree to narrow itself assuming a rectangular section, very thin in one direction, extra thick in the perpendicular one as a compensatory mechanism (see diagrams).

The result are shakeable trees, o bendable trees, that can easily be shaken by hand or by a limited shaking machine.

Not so simple and obvious: many features increase patentability

The device will also add the necessary support to prevent the trunk from bending by natural forces. The devices will come in several sizes, as they will need replacing as the tree grows.

We are performing research on the tolerance of different trees to the trunk deformation. Also, we will establish the strength that the device will need to withstand. These data will support optimal design and application method.

The patented devices are graded for optimal tolerance, maximal efficiency and low cost. There will be several sizes, according to the stage of the tree cycle. Also different shapes, to minimize damage to the tree.

Suitable for manual fruit collection or (light) mechanical shaking

Bendable trees can be manually or mechanically shaken to collect fruit. If a shaking machine is used, there is much less energy involved, the yield is larger, and there is no damage to the trunk.

Bendable trees can be more resistant to strong winds

A very thin press will keep the tree upright only if there is no wind. If the tree bends completely when pushed by wind, it will not break.

First patent application just filed in Argentina. Patent rights available in most countries.

This product is now being field-tested. Not commercial introduction yet. We are now selling patent rights in every country. Be the first in your region to secure this huge business!

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