hinged tree

Shakeable Fruit Trees


Trunk restriction technology for easy tree shaking



We can assess your plantation program and propose:

Selection of collection method.

- shaking, manual
- shaking, mechanical
- complete bending of trunk for simple manual pick-up

- financial analysis: cost of presses, cost of press application, cost of fruit collection. Cost/Profit ratio projection over time. Depends on fruit, tree species, weather, soil, watering, other conditions.

We keep your data updated for as long as you keep your membership.

- when to order presses to a local wood shop or when to order them from us. Depending on location, local manufacturing costs, shipping costs, customs costs, taxes, labour availability.

- number of presses, percent of trees to be modified or to be left as an untreated control.

- size, shape, material of presses. Simple presses for small trees are 2 flat boards with 2 bolts. Larger trees require hexagonal asimetric plates with 4 bolts. (see figure).

- time of application. Usually one-year trees.

- suggested maintenance for presses: measurement of restricted and unrestricted trunk, tightening, loosening, replacement for larger press.

- evaluation of shape-modifying process by photo analysis

- collection time. When to collect the fruit, according to fruit maturity, fruit size and weight, trunk narrowing degree, labour availability.

- we provide a virtual space for communication within our customers, in order to improve cultivation and fruit collection methods.

- As trees overgrow presses, we help our customers to sell or trade the used presses.

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