hinged tree

Consulting for fruit producers

Trunk restriction device for easy tree shaking


Trunk Constraining Device for Shakeable Fruit Trees

A system to collect fruit from trees at a very low cost.

Patent Protection: INPI exp. 20120101616 - Ministry of Industry - Argentina - May 2012 (pending)

restricted tree
restricted natural tree
Wild tree growing thru an abandoned machine - see the trunk widening
Same as before
restricted experimental tree
trunk thinning
Trunk widening in an early prototype
Trunk narrowing in an early prototype
hinged, restricted lemon tree
Sergio, lemmon tree prototype
Restriction press in a lemmon tree
Myself showing lemmons artificially attached with Velcro for demonstration purposes
3 palm trees
3 palm trees planted in the same pot, the one in the left has been restricted for 1 year, the other 2 are normal controls. Growth is the same.
This nut tree had presses in the branches. After only 3 months the narrowing can be seen.
no mark
Measuring elastic properties of a modified nut tree branch
After 4 months of restriction, the branch is modified with no bark damage

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