Chicken like termites

There is little published data on this issue, that might not deserve the attention from serious PhD experts. However, it is an important issue for this project.

An experiment in Vietnam funded by the Swedish Agency for International Development demonstrated that feeding termites to chicken is possible, sound and profitable, even collecting termites from their natural nests. What I plan to do is raise them in specialized containment and feeding them with disposed wood or vegetables. This will increase the yield and decrease the labour involved.

Some people suggested that chicken will taste odly to us, humans used to grain-fed chicken. There is no basis for that assumption, although I will run a test ASAP. That is, when I collect my first 10 kilos of termites.

Also, it is possible to process the termites into powder and use it as a protein-rich food supplement for poultry and fish. In that way, the possible bad taste will diminish or disappear.