Field trip to Chaco National Park

I am just returning from the first field trip. Unfortunately, I did not bring any termites.

I drove 1200 km to the Chaco National Park, stayed there for less than a day, and drove back. A lot of driving, really.

I seem to have underestimated the costs and difficulties, after seeing the desolate region where the termites were first captured. Many kilometers of desert, with little chances of getting eventual mechanical help. The temperature was about 35ยบ C, there were mosquitoes with reported dengue cases in the area, and the bike in the top of the car slowed down the car to a maximum 90 km/hour safe driving.

I decided to cut the trip short for about 300 km, and change destination. Instead of the Copo National Park I went to the Chaco National Park.

Chaco Nat.Park

Chaco Nat.Park

The park was infested with ants, natural enemies of termites. I found no termites in rotten wood, but ants instead.

The only termites I found were of the kind that builds nests (see photo).

Chaco Nat.Park

When I saw the termites inside the nest I took a minute to take the photo. Then, I tried to get more termites, but nothing. They had all hidden into the deep. I knew about this conduct, but I did not imagine they would be so fast.

I am still trying to contact the people who originally described subterraneal termites in the North of Argentina, for a future new field trip.

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