Writing the Business Plan

After a few days of having this blog running and 10 dollars spent in AdWords, I have the first request for a Business Plan and a presentation. Good! I might be on the right track.

I am not overtly optimistic, because in the past I have presented several BPs for client companies or myself, and success was not guaranteed. And a few suppossed investors were scammers, looking for ‘Examination Fees’ and with no connection with real investors whatsoever.

I have experience presenting grant proposals to the State, Foundations or International Help Agencies. I can be proud of my 65% success rate. At this time I am preparing two proposals for a client, one for a Google Web Positioning software, and another for a Telecommunications Company. My deadline for those is April 3, so I will be busy for the next days.

However, I need a BP for the Termite Farm project. So, I will get into it. I own a BP Writing software by PaloAlto Software, which helps a lot with the numbers. But I need to be creative, focused, convinced of the value of my proposal, solid and business-minded. Keep that in mind if you ever need to do something like this. Or write to me. I might need some pocket money and help you do it.

But you better have a good project that will convince me. I tend to be better at the things in which I truly believe. And I really expect to be the Termite Farming King in a really short time.

With your help, until further notice.