Termite research: small scale vs. large scale exploitations

With the oil crisis, there is renewed effort on biofuels. A number of groups are researching the enzymes that break apart cellulose, such as those in the termite gut, and those in some bacteria that feed on roten wood.

However, there are two ways to focus the termite raising project. One way is the scientific, big-shot, big-money, for medium term results, in the best of cases. The second is a small-scale project that will allow small farmers to have a small termite-farm, good to feed their animals.

This can create an important source of income for small enterprisers or farmers around the globe.

You can build a chemical reactor with enzymes coming from bacteria or termites, for a few hundred thousands (way 1), or have the alive termites themselves do the digestionj (way 2). The second way is Not being done by currently, we do not know why, and is very cheap, because a small farmer will need mabye 400 to get started, purchasing the technology and the reproductors (colony seed insects) from us.

Of course, from way 2 we can provide knowledge and insects to those going Way 1, but that is a second goal.

There are some VC or Angel investors motivated by the Green Way and Feed the Hungry waves that can find this project very appealing. Big companies are probably looking into Way 1, because the go for the big business for a few important clients.