Green Project against hunger and global warming: Termites

I needed to use the words “green project” and “against hunger” in this Termite Project, to make it easier for investors to find. I realized how many people are searching for “green projects”, and how few look for “termite advantages”…

In many countries the crops remains are burnt, to make way for new pastures. This practice has long been recognized as wrong, because it damages the soil and the environment. I intend those farmers to start giving those cellulose remains to termites raised in a controlled site. Thus, instead of wasting the resource and generating pollutants, the material will re-enter the alimentary chain and benefit everyone in that chain.

There are other ways in which the Termite Project can be considered Green. For instance, it we destroy cellulose to give way to new vegetation, we are eliminating carbon dioxide and producing healthy food for men and his animals.

It is also important the effect on urban landfills filled with garbage….