About the Termite Raising Project

Termites can digest garbage and wood, producing chicken food and cleaning the environment. For some unknown reason nobody does it. I could use science, local labour and technical advice, which are cheap, and develop the know-how that could be sold everywhere. This is also a long shot, but some VC like risky projects. Specially this one, which produces food from disposed wood and crops residues.

The termites are something with low investment, we only need human brains. There are many termites in the Argentina North (Tucuman, Chaco). I did myself an exploratory trip, by myself, into a Chaco National Park. I drove like 2400 km in 3 days. But I did not get financial support yet.

Essentially, those are the only agents that can destroy cellulose. Cellulose (paper, cardboard, the crops after extracting the grain) is very slowly degraded in nature. It takes years. Nothing can be done to it, except burning it. Many farmers do that, but that is bad for the soil. Converting cellulose (including useless vegetation like bushes in arid zones) into animal proteins could be a big difference. Also fish likes termites, probably trouts raised in artificial ponds. (pisciculture).